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How To Make Coiled Baskets Using Jute, Synthetics,
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How To Make Coiled Baskets Using Jute, Synthetics,
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How To Make Coiled Baskets Using Jute, Synthetics,
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Ancient but enduring, the process of coiling baskets is the oldest and most universal craft practiced by man.  Like other primitive arts, there is a renewed interest in this old craft.  In our book, we've captured the primeval essence of coiled basketry and given it new interpretations.

But, basket making was more than a craft for early man, it was a necessity.  The American Indian used coiled baskets to supply every domestic need, from food storage to infant cradles.  Still, the Indian did not overlook the artistic aspects of the medium.  So prized were baskets, that the maiden who did the finest coiling brought the highest bride price.  Today many Indian baskets stand in museums.

And even with today's many ready made products, we still realize that none can match the loveliness and durability of hand-crafted baskets.  The natural radiance of woven baskets is an especially stunning accompaniment to the simple symmetry and natural backgrounds of today's decorating.  A colorful centerpiece, an Indian ceremonial plaque, a dramatic basin and a modern wall hanging are just some of the beautiful and useful items that will find a place in your home.

Despite the modern interpretations, the techniques have hardly changed since prehistoric times.  Our projects employ the same stitches used by squaws for thousands of years.  But, we've discarded the bone awl for a tapestry needle and the natural weed fibers for sturdy rope and easy-to-handle yarns.

All this makes a refined but simple craft that will give you the same satisfaction and splendid results it gave ancient man.  You might even create your own masterpiece to be handed down through the generations, something old but enduring.

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