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Complete Decoupage
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Complete Decoupage
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Complete Decoupage
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Decoupage today has a meaning somewhat different than the definition placed on the word by the dictionary.  The traditional meaning is associated with detailed paper prints colored by hand and cut out with the finest of detail.   These prints were then applied to elegant pieces of furniture and then covered with many coats of varnish.  After every 3 or 4 coats of varnish the project was rubbed with a very fine abrasive.  The many coats of varnish (40 to 60) gave a depth to the finish that was beautiful to see.  Today we find the term being applied to almost any “paste-up” of pictures and the degree of finish is determined only by the taste of the individual doing the project.  The finish can be from one coat to the traditional sixty.

Every home has a multitude of objects that can be decoupaged.  You can decoupage jewel boxes, furniture, pictures, vases, television sets, radios, walls, kitchen cabinets or the refrigerator.

Learn the basic techniques as illustrated in the first half of this book and then advance on to any project you wish.  If you can hold a brush and a pair of scissors you can produce beautiful objects.  Finish requirements to complete the projects are determined by you.

Once you have started to decoupage you will find the craft to be very absorbing and when you finish a project you will be filled with pride at what you have achieved.  When you make projects for your home the joy is everlasting.  Every time you look at the objects you again experience the joy that was present when you created them.

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