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How to Order

1.  On the Home Page select the Category you wish to search.


2.  On the page where the category items are listed, you can select the item to buy now or if you wish to get more detail before ordering.


3.  The next screen allows you to purchase the item.  Enter the quantity you wish to order and click on the Buy Now button.  If you do not wish to purchase the item click on the Category, the Back button or the Back Arrow button which will return you to the category items list.  NOTE: some items have related items or an option of either bulk or packaged.  If so the optional item is shown to the left of the item you can order.   If you wish to purchase the optional item then click on the image of the item on the left and it will switch to the right side so you can order. This screen also allows you to see a larger more detailed image by clicking on the image.


4.  If you selected the Buy Now button the next screen will be the shopping cart contents page.  Here you can change the quantities or Remove the item.  If you wish to change the quantity put the new quantity in the Qty field then click on Update.  From this point you can Check Out or you can Update the cart or you can Continue Shopping.  If you made a change in the quantity of an item or removed the item, you need to click on Update Cart.  If you wish to return to where you came from, click on the Continue Shopping button. Or you can click on Check Out to complete your order.


5.  On the Check Out page if you are a new customer you need to fill out the registration form.  If you are a returning customer click on Sign in Now.  Note: New customers, in order to protect your email box, do not use the password you assigned to your personal email.  Choose a new password for this web site.  Upon returning if you cannot remember your password you have the ability to ask for it and it will be emailed to you at the email address you previously gave.  Once you have completed this screen click on Continue.


6.  The next page shows you the shipping method.  Estimated shipping is based upon weight and destination.  Priority Mail advertises 1 to 3 days delivery.   First Class is 2 to 5 days delivery.  Days to deliver depend on origin and destination. Note: the estimated shipping charges are based upon Priority Mail.  Any over estimated shipping will be refunded.  If the item can be shipped First Class it will not be insured unless you choose the insurance option.  Any over payment will be refunded.


7.  On the payment option page click on Continue. This will take you to PayPal where you will be able to make your payment.


8.  Don't have a PayPal account?  Click on: You want to pay by credit card.


  You will have the following options to make your payment using PayPal

You will then need to fill in required information so PayPal can process your payment method.  When copying the information in the security box do not put spaces between the letters and or numbers.  When finished you can returned to this web site where you can view and print out your order for future reference.  You will also be able to check back later and see the status of your order.  You will receive confirmation of your order from PayPal and from Harvey’s Hobby Hut to the email account you gave.  Harvey’s Hobby Hut does not have access to your credit, debit card or checking account numbers.


Please note: You will be sent an email when your order is shipped with a link so that you can always check the status of your order on line.  Confirmations and replies to your contact me will come into your junk mail box.  Some email hosts reject email that has a link.  So in order to help receive confirmation and email responses to your contact me set up the following as your email contacts.  harveyshobbyhut@harveyshobbyhut.com  and gharvey@harveyshobbyhut.com


International Shipping
The Harvey’s Hobby Hut web site only ships orders within the 50 states and APO/FPO military addresses. All prices are in U.S. dollars, and I do not accept checks, money orders or credit cards issued by foreign (non-U.S.) banks.


At this time, I do not ship to Canada, Puerto Rico or other destinations outside the U.S.


Only one invoice will be issued and will be sent with the shipment.


This page can be accessed from any page by clicking on the How to Order tab.


Thank you for your order!
  I appreciate your business!
Happy Shopping


Gerald Harvey


How to Order

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