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Spoon Jewelry
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Spoon Jewelry
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Spoon Jewelry
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Out of the tradition of yesterday comes a beautiful, new and exciting jewelry craft.

Spoon rings originated in 17th century England and were originally used as wedding rings.  Servants at that time were quite poor and could not afford to have wedding rings made of precious metals so they would steal the silverware from the manor houses and have them turned into wedding rings.  For a time you could tell who the servants were working for by the crest on their rings.  The manner in which we instruct the making of spoon rings is almost identical to the way they were made three hundred years ago back in the 17th century England.

Today, our growing awarenes of the past is bringing the traditions of yesterday into the present, making "Spoon" Jewelry a timely fashion.  You will be able to find silver pieces in many places and at some good prices too.  Swap meets, flea markets, antique stores, rummage sales, estate sales and grandmother's attic are very accomodating and contain many "hidden treasures" for the innovative spoon jeweler.

Spoon Jewelry makes a very personal gift to someone special.  It will be treasured not only for its charm, but because it was made with the wearer of the finished product in mind.  An interest, a small collection of spoons, forks and knives and some tools are all that are necessary to enter into the highly creative world of spoon jewelry.

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Spoon Jewelry Fashions from Flatware
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